Movie reviews Something Wrong With You and Funny Games 1997/2007

Funny Games 1997/2007

Since the director of both films, both the original in 1997 and the 2007 remake, is the same director, Michael Haneke, it is logical to combine a review of them into one article.

The original film was released in 1997. In the same year, the ribbon was nominated for the “Golden Palm” branch, and in 1998 won two awards at the Fantasporto festival. In 2006, Haneke decided to reshoot his own film for an American audience.

The first I saw was the American "Games", and only then the European source looked. In both films, the plot is absolutely identical - because the tape of 2007 is a frame-by-frame remake.

Story & quot; Funny Games & quot; simple: the family goes to rest in his country house, but they never manage to rest normally. And all because of two uninvited guests - emphasized polite guys in white gloves. Every minute suspense is growing. This is helped by beautifully written dialogues and the play of actors. When viewing you create the illusion that the main characters could avoid undesirable for them the course of events. But is it? All doubts disappear at the end of the film.

These films are not thrillers or horror films in the classic sense of the word. These are films about violence, moreover, about the complicity of the viewer in what is happening on the screen. In the middle of the film, a little & quot; sags & quot; in order to gain even more momentum.

I remember this joke. In bad horror movies you are scared with blood, guts and corpses. In a good horror movie on the screen can slowly crawl out a hedgehog, but this will make your hair stand on end. There is a similar scene in the & quot; Funny Games & quot; but a golf ball slowly rolls in instead of a hedgehog.

Now about which version is better. Although I am a fan of Michael Pitt's work in the 2007 film, and yet I would advise you to watch the 1997 film. If in the American version in the very appearance of the actors there is a certain & quot; hollywoodness & quot; then in the European actors look like & quot; ordinary people & quot ;. This makes the film realistic.

Overall, & quot; Funny Games & quot; no one can leave indifferent. You will either be delighted with this film (or films), or will hate it. Personally, I liked the non-standard approach of the director.

[b] Something is wrong with you [/ b]

Pretty atypical comedy of those that appear at the box office. The policeman who died and was buried as a hero eventually turns out to be a “werewolf in uniform”. His widow frees an illegally convicted innocent man. In general, a chain reaction - the bad actions of the husband in the past lead to illogical and undesirable consequences for all. And this is a comedy with elements of the absurd. The plot is unpredictable, at least for me.

I do not know what the decision of the director Salvador is connected with, but more than 50% of the shooting took place in the dark. Musical accompaniment non-permanent. This combination is a bit suggestive. There seems to be no dialogue, and the emphasis is on the illogical course of the plot. The basis of the picture is the game is not very famous Adel Enel in the role of the main character. From the very beginning, there is a scene with a white thread, where Yvonne tells the child a story before bedtime, how his father died heroically, changing the course of events, distorting and adding something of his own.

Good camera work. And the camera does not twitch in the now fashionable style. Directed at home long recognized master with awards.

Perhaps an objective assessment modestly coincides with the current IMDB rating of up to ten - 6.8. notice d' utilisation kamagra kamagra en paris