Traveling to France

France is an extraordinary country. About this country, poets compose romances, songs, romantics and travelers, come there from all over the world.

The delightful landscapes of the rocky coast of Brittany, the endless sandy beaches of the Atlantic, Pyrenees with steep slopes and valleys stretched on them, the volcanoes of the Central Massif, small bays in the south of Marseille and the exotic summit in the Alps - Mont Blanc. All these beauties are gathered in France, which has a relatively small territory.

But most of all holidaymakers in France attracts Paris. Famous palaces created by human hands, the Louvre, the streets that became famous thanks to the writers, the islands of Saint Louis and Cite, the stunning residence of the French kings - the Louvre, as well as Chartres, Fontainebleau, Rambouillet, as well as other numerous attractions that tourists love to visit.

Relax in France, not only to make excursions to museums and palaces, but also to breathe the air, saturated with freedom, happiness and love. The choice of holidays in France is varied. For lovers of beauty and gloss, more suitable Paris. If you like nature and peaceful silence, visit the French village. For lovers of active recreation, ski resorts or vacations on the Cote d'Azur, with numerous clubs, will obviously be to your taste.

 The choice is yours. Argued that the main thing the French have food, they are just obsessed with it. Gastronomic guides, sold in thousands every year, will satisfy any gourmet: truffles from Perigord, Provencal macaroons, white wine and many other delicacies will be offered to you by French restaurants.

French cuisine combines old traditions with new ideas that will bring a lot of pleasure to gourmets.

French hotels, as well as all over the world, are divided into categories, depending on the level of comfort and the services provided. Each category has a certain number of stars. It is necessary to know that a single international standardization, which would assign stars to hotels, simply does not exist, so there may be different conditions in hotels with identical stars. For example, a three-star hotel in France, corresponds to a four-star hotel in Finland. Stars are absent from hotels with minimal services, as well as in luxury hotels of the class "luxury". Pleasant hospitable people, mild climate, a lot of vivid impressions - what remains of France after her visit. Play best friv games.