Gout, aristocratic disease, treatment

More recently, few people have heard of this disease, and today it is increasingly possible to learn about it in the media. And also this disease becomes a subject of discussion in secular circles. And not by chance, because it is so called: "the disease of aristocrats."
The disease was known in antiquity, in which the patient experienced intolerable torment from pain in the joints. Over time, it only gets worse, wandering from one joint to another. The longer the disease progresses, the worse the condition of the patient, whose joints become deformed over time, and trophic ulcers appear.

Disease characteristic
Gout is a disease associated with metabolism, in which uric acid salts accumulate in the joints. The main cause of occurrence is the reduction of kidney excretion of uric acid and an increase in its concentration in the blood. In acute arthritis, gouty nodes are formed.
Most often men suffer from the disease, but recently cases have also become more frequent among women. With age, the risk of gout increases.

Causes of development
The main factor for the development of the disease is a high level of uric acid in the blood. Urates in the form of crystals are deposited in the joints, kidneys and other organs, which causes gout.

Predisposing factors:
• genetic disorder;
• Excessive consumption of protein foods of animal origin;
• alcohol abuse.
The first signs of gout begin with the lesion of one joint of the big toe. An acute attack of arthritis can occur when eating meat or alcohol is abused.
The disease develops suddenly, there is a pronounced pain, redness and swelling. When building gout, body temperature can rise to 38 degrees.
With the wrong treatment, the attacks become frequent, and other joints in the legs begin to ache. They are deformed due to the growth of tophi and bones.


To get rid of gout, the doctor prescribes a comprehensive treatment, which aims to eliminate the cause of the disease and its symptoms:
1. A diet low in purine.
2. Drug therapy.
3. Physiotherapy.
In the treatment of gout, you must very strictly follow a diet that aims to limit the use of products with a high content of purines. With such a diet after a week, the concentration of uric acid will significantly decrease in the blood and gradually naturally disappear from the body. love-models.net