How to choose a body milk

A real fashionista knows that it is not enough to care for one skin only to look beautiful and well-groomed. An important role here plays the right body skin care.

To help cope with the task under the force of milk for the body, which has excellent moisturizing properties. If you regularly use such a care product, your skin will feel very comfortable and fresh. In addition, dryness and flaking will disappear.

How to choose a moisturizing milk for the body. Pick up the milk is necessary, based on the features of your skin. It is advisable to choose products that include natural ingredients such as aloe, chamomile, various oils - jojoba, peach and others. Carefully study the composition of the tool.

 If the tool is imported, then it is likely that the description of the composition in Russian will be absent. It is better to refuse such a purchase, because in this situation you cannot be sure that you have a quality product. It is best to buy milk with dispenser. This will greatly facilitate the use of this tool. Also pay attention to the flavor of the milk: it should not be too sharp. Otherwise, do not rush to buy such a tool. Choosing milk for the skin of a normal type, it is best to stop the choice on a tool that has a moderately liquid consistency. Your chosen product should not be too spread on the skin. This milk will be quickly absorbed into the skin, while not leaving behind a trace. Always pay attention to the expiration date, because there is nothing worse than using an expired product. Tip of the day!

Unlike face masks, body milk is difficult to make at home. But you can always improve its nourishing and moisturizing qualities by adding olive oil to any milk, or vitamins A and E in oil form. Capsules with such vitamins can be purchased at any pharmacy.

 Milk for skin has good moisturizing properties. This distinguishes it from the cream, whose main function is nutrition.

Milk for skin must be used throughout the year. In the summer hot weekdays such a tool will protect the skin from ultraviolet radiation, and in winter - from excessive dryness.

After taking a shower or bath, apply the milk you have chosen to your skin, after you have soaked the skin with a towel. Steamed skin will absorb the remedy much faster. Always apply the milk in a thin layer. Гурман оценит Порнуха